Sunday, March 15, 2009

The spoils of public schools...

This is a bridge that Tate had to engineer and build at school. I think the class was industrial tech, it's an elective. I think it was either that or choir. Typing is not even a class. However, they do teach them how do make a spreadsheet. What the heck? I took typing in Jr. High. Anyway, they built a bridge and had a contest to see how much weight they could hold.

Tate's bridge came in second holding 95 lbs. The winner's bridge held 97 lbs. I thought Tate's was pretty impressive. The world always needs another engineer, right Tate? He loves that stuff, but he still doesn't know how to type correctly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too much going on...not enough time to post!

Here are the things I will blog about when I have more time (in no particular order):

The fun filled week I spent being Lexi's best friend.

The cutest, tiniest baby girl ever! (no offense Sherry but Cassie's baby is tinier!)

Tate's bridge that he built in industrial tech (or something like that). It holds 95 lbs!

Janee dancing at Disneyland

3 days at Disneyland!

My mom coming home from her mission.

Tate getting his braces off.

3 days at Disneyland!

A day at the beach with Gramma and Grampa Dunyon.

P.S. I need baby stuff. I think I threw a party when Trigg was done with all his baby stuff and got rid of EVERYTHING! Since my new obsession is other peoples babies and they are at my house A LOT, I need baby stuff. Bouncers, walkers, exersaucers, swings, your tiny baby for the afternoon or for the weekend. Come on, I know there is some one out there who wants to get rid of that stuff. Will pick up!

P.P.S. Sorry no pictures, I hate posts with no pictures.