Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warning: baby picture overload

Here is Laney getting her first suntan. She didn't like to get naked and she likes having her face in the sun even less so this was a small victory for us. I think this was the only sunny day we had in Utah.

The newest pink baby in our family is always making some expression with her mouth, even in her sleep. I have to say it's the cutest. This day she sat on my lap and just made faces at me for an hour. I tried to capture them all. Enjoy!

Here you can see her dimples. I miss her like crazy and I tried to memorize every tiny little thing she did. I know she will look so much different when I see her again in the summer. Once again, I long for a fabulous camera and the know how to use it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tiny Baby Laney

I'm in Utah right now helping my sister Cassie with her baby until my mom gets home. Utah is the last place I would choose to be in February, I hate snow. The fact that Cassie just had the cutest baby in the world makes up for it. I got here while Cassie was still in the hospital so I got to play with Lexi by myself. I'll post about that next.

Here is Lexi visiting her baby sister with her dad. She was so excited to see her and loves to give her kisses.

Lexi spent this day with me while her parents stayed in the hospital, we had some serious girl time!

Look at those blue eyes! Laney will be lucky to get those baby blues. I think Laney looks just like Cassie although I have nothing to compare to but memory. Where is your baby book, Cassie? Laney is such a sweet baby, she is so tiny and mild mannered. She loves to be held but is just as content when you put her down. So far she has only given them one bad night but since she is so new we don't know why. I think Cassie has figured out a good system consisting of plenty of food and plenty of burping which leads to plenty of sleeping. Hopefully, this works from now on. She is a little jaundice so Cassie has been taking her in to check her billirubin levels because they are high so we have been trying to give her a suntan which is tricky in Utah. Hopefully, we can get them down on our own. She is so tiny and cute Cassie, Brandon and I have to take turns just holding her and staring at her tiny cuteness. She does NOT like to get naked or have her diaper changed and she snorts when she fusses. To anyone who has not had a pink baby, I highly recommend it, and my post partum services afterward.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Pink Baby

Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait till tomorrow,

For babies grow up
We've learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs,
Dust go to sleep,

I'm rocking Sherry's baby,
because babies don't keep.

This is one of my favorite poems, in fact I printed it and framed it for my sister Jannalee for a birthday or something. I know this is exactly how she feels about babies and this is exactly how I felt with the pink baby. I had Sherry's baby for the weekend. The pink baby, aka Abigail, aka the tiny baby, LOVES to nurse. She was only eating enough from a bottle so that she wouldn't starve. She finally learned that this was the only way she was gettin any but she drew the line at formula. She was perfectly happy to drink Sherry's breast milk all weekend. Which is EXACTLY what Brenley did when I babysat her for Sherry's anniversary weekend. Talk about your spoiled babies. Jeesh, Sherry what do you put in that stuff? My boys were thoroughly grossed out to see it in the fridge and tried to get Dave to put it on his cereal.

I got a shower while she slept but she woke up before I could do my hair or put on my make up.

I COULD HAVE put her in the bouncer and bounced her with my fo
ot while I put on my make up. But I didn't. I held her.

I COULD HAVE propped up the bottle while I blow dried my hair. But I didn't. I held her and fed her and watched her make feeding faces and feeding noises.

I SHOULD HAVE put her in the swing to make my other children lunch. But I didn't, I made them wait until she slept.

I COULD HAVE given her to Kylee to give her a bath. But I didn't. I bathed her and watched her kick her tiny feet and suck on her tiny fists until the water was cool.

I COULD HAVE gotten up with her at 6:00 am when she was fussy after her 5:45 feeding. But I didn't, I made Mr. Mantastic do it because I was too tired and I had to get up at 7:00 anyway. :)

Loved having the pink baby and Michelle's baby too. There is just something about babies, the way they smell, taste, sound and feel. It is something a mother NEVER stops craving. Good thing I have nieces and nephews. In fact, I get to go to Utah this week to help my sister Cassie when she comes home with her brand new pink baby of her own. Maybe she'll let me borrow her in the middle of the night while she gets some sleep. Maybe, I'll actually wake up.
This is my baby next to the pink baby. Why do ALL of your kids have to grow up? Why can't one just keep reliving the first year of life over and over? Because babies don't keep. I guess it is kind of nice to give them back to their parents. And I really do enjoy my sleep too. I'll wake up to feed a baby but if they don't go back to sleep, it's all Dave. He's been helping me take care of other people's children since we were engaged....mantastic.

New babies have always been my moms job. Cassie decided to have her baby 2 weeks early and my mom doesn't get home from Germany until the 19th. We couldn't leave Cassie on her own for a week! I know it will not be the same as having my mom take care of her but I will be lovin every minute of it! I'll just try my best to take care of her and her little family until my mom can come home and take over. And how can I leave my own family for a week to go to Utah and help Cassie? I have a fabulous sister that just happens to live next to / with me that LOVES taking care of my kids u
ntil Mr. Mantastic comes home from work to take over. I'll prolly* miss my own family and maybe Dave too. But for that week, it's just me, Cassie, tiny new pink baby and Lexi. Oh and Brandon too.

*new texting word I got from Kinsey's little friends. I love teen age girls prolly as much as I love new babies, especially when I don't have to be their parent!