Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guest Appearances at the Beach Houses

We had so much fun visiting with all the family that rotated through the beach houses. Mostly Beks but I got Mom and Callie sometimes.
Mama ginger came and stayed with a friend for a couple of days and then came to Beks house and made us all manner of boiled peanuts......delish!
After several days of coaxing and cajoling, we talked Cassie into braving a 12 hour car ride with a 3 month old and a 2yr old who apparently gets car sick after a while. Way to tuff it out Cass! You are die hard! I loved loved loved seein the girls!

Jannalee came with just Zanya and Samantha or as Trigg calls them "Zammy"

Clark and Margs and there cutest little family!

Sherry, Wendall and all of their kids. This one is my favorite. Love the little queenie!

We had my sister in law Sarah and Austin come on Memorial day with Dennis and Chris.
They also came to visit with Brooke, Aaron, Emma and Heidi but we have no pictures of that day, it was too cold!

Last but not least, we had Spencer and Zephyr come visit which was a personal treat to be able to let Trigg have so much fun playing in the waves with Zephyr. I enjoyed watching so much that I completely ignored my camera. I am trying to get pictures from Spence. So much fun having my brothers come!

Coming Soon: Strawberry Fields Forever!

I want to be More.....and less

I want to be.....
(not in any particular order)

more mother
more wife
more sister
more daughter
more daughter in law
more grand daughter
more visiting teacher
more latter day saint
more assistant webelos leader
more friend
more P90X
more citizen
more girl
more student
more neighbor
more aunt
more teacher
more widget completer
more dancer
more creator
more inspiring
more blogger
more leader
more homemaker
more problem solver
more baker
more sister in law
more companion
more missionary
more listener
more talker

I want to be .......


Why is that so hard?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach House '09

Ahhhhhh, the beach house. Even as I sit here blogging about it I get teary-eyed that I am not still there. As many pictures as I took, there are thousands more I wish I would have taken to catch all the great memories from that month. For the whole month of May, Dave "let" me get a whole beach house to myself, well, and the kids, oh and my mom too. The kids alternated between school and the beach for the month of May and Dave made it for most of the weekends and the whole last week. My sister Rebecca had one just up the street and our friends, the Johnsons, had one a couple houses from them. What can I say, a dream come true for all involved, except for maybe Dave who has to stay home by himself and work for most of the month. I didn't get picturess of some of the best things about the beach house, since I was too busy enjoying them all, but don't worry, they will definately get an honorable mention.

Here is our humble little "Beach Cottage". That is what the plaque says under the light. This was taken just after church as I actually had the foresight to take a photo of it. I love it.

This table alternately had puzzles and laptops on it consistently depending on who was there for the week. My mom and I prefer the puzzles, everyone else....laptops.
My mom and Callie and Trigg on the short walk from my house to the Johnsons for S'more night.
Sand Castles!
Chez Kylee and Kinsey complete with a K inscribed on each sand mold. They got 2nd prize because theres had some serious style and class but the big pit in the middle of the city did pose a few problems for the sand town. Two scoops of Thrifty ice cream.
The fortress of doom bulit by the boys. They won the first prize for function which was defending the sand town from sand bad guys. They got 3 scoops of Thrifty ice cream but Tate only go two for poor sportsmanship. He's a smack talker, nobody likes smack talk, Tate.

These are our Beach house BFFs the Johnsons. For the whole month, these guys are like family for us and we wouldn't have it any ohter way. Girls and kids during the week so we can be moms, all the husbands come up together on the week ends so they can be the moms and the girls can be the wives....after all the kids are in bed. This is a serioulsy fun family that we just can't spend enough time with. This is S'more time at their place. This fabulous fam taught us to put strawberries on our S'mores...delish! We taught them how to roast and eat starbursts at the fire. This is how our communication goes:

Kristina: are we running or p90X today? Lets get goin, I've been up since 5:30 with Peyton.

Bek: ok, meet at my house at 8:15

Joy: I really don't want to be awake yet, can't we sleep in today.


Bek: Do we want to do bathroom burrirtos this morning or walk to get donuts?

Kristina: Lets do donuts so we can do bathroom burritoes with the boys.

Joy: Mmmmmm ...donuts!

Bek:who needs a soda?

Joy and Kristina: I do, meet you out front.

Bek: Whose sand are we sitting at today? Where is the sun?!

Kristina: working on hair flowers for the girls tonite if anyone wants to come.

Joy and Bek: of course we want to come!

Communication between husbands:

Joel: you guys wanna play games with us so we can whip your trash?

Greg: Maybe, what kind of treats will you have?

Joel: The treats are only for the winners so you cant have any cuz me and Kristina are gonna totally beat you and the Dun-unyons.

Dave: I'd love to play games but Joy gets kind of scary when she plays so she might just watch. That's some serious smack talk Joel. Nobody likes smack talk, but we do like Dr Pepper so as long as there's plenty of DP, we're in.

Something like that...those boys text more than we do.
They even sat out on the beach with us on our last day even though it was FREEZING cold .
We suffer serious Johnson withdrawals for weeks after we come home.

This is the only picture I got of the view from the window. Can you believe that?
More S'mores