Thursday, January 28, 2010

Note to self...

(here is a picture of me and my sisters after a Jimmy Eat World concert, because I hate posts without pictures. Please note the euphoric smiles. yes I am sweaty and hot and red faced and I love every minute of it!)

Note to self: if your walking briskly on the canal by yourself at 7 in the morning and you do a spontaneous, adrenaline induced "dance"(picture Kevin Bacon in Footloose in that warehouse that is actually the Lehi Roller Mills in Utah, but way more spastic and uncoordinated and um...ME) to your favorite Jimmy Eat World song, thinking you are alone because no one is in front of you, beware that there might be someone that you can not hear because your headphones are on, BEHIND YOU......awkward? yea.

Kevin Bacon in Footloose: this is how I looked on the canal this morning, minus the smoking and drinking and you HAVE to watch this because if you picture me doing this, I promise you will LOL!