Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guest Appearances at the Beach Houses

We had so much fun visiting with all the family that rotated through the beach houses. Mostly Beks but I got Mom and Callie sometimes.
Mama ginger came and stayed with a friend for a couple of days and then came to Beks house and made us all manner of boiled peanuts......delish!
After several days of coaxing and cajoling, we talked Cassie into braving a 12 hour car ride with a 3 month old and a 2yr old who apparently gets car sick after a while. Way to tuff it out Cass! You are die hard! I loved loved loved seein the girls!

Jannalee came with just Zanya and Samantha or as Trigg calls them "Zammy"

Clark and Margs and there cutest little family!

Sherry, Wendall and all of their kids. This one is my favorite. Love the little queenie!

We had my sister in law Sarah and Austin come on Memorial day with Dennis and Chris.
They also came to visit with Brooke, Aaron, Emma and Heidi but we have no pictures of that day, it was too cold!

Last but not least, we had Spencer and Zephyr come visit which was a personal treat to be able to let Trigg have so much fun playing in the waves with Zephyr. I enjoyed watching so much that I completely ignored my camera. I am trying to get pictures from Spence. So much fun having my brothers come!

Coming Soon: Strawberry Fields Forever!


Spence said...

Nice that Z and I are the only ones without pictures. I feel the love. I'll try to find a few to send you.

Dan and Jan said...

Good times, good times.

Rebecca said...

I wake up sometimes and imagine that I'm going to open my eyes and be at the Beach house. Something is wrong with me... Are you having Johnson withdrawals? Me too!

AMIT said...

I love to be on beach.Nice pictures.

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