Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Give away

As any of you who know me knows that my favorite necklace of all time was made by this creative genius. I know Angela not only from her one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry but also because she is the sister of one of my all time favorite people and across the street neighbor, Amy Kroff. Amy was wearing a necklace that was three strands, one of pearl, and one had charms attached with each of her kids names and one in the middle with herself and Paul's name. I immediately coveted this necklace and wanted it for my very own ( with my own kids names, of course, and minus Paul and Amy). What could be better than wearing a fashionable reminder of all the things most important to me? I inquired about the price and knew that it would not be mine any time soon. Not that it's not worth it, you get what you pay for. I kept seeing her necklace and I knew it would be the perfect one for me that I could wear EVERYDAY with a t-shirt or to church. I think it only took two years of hinting and a strategically placed suggestion from Amy to Dave that I finally got my necklace for my birthday, and I wear it EVERYDAY. Mostly.

It was a sad day when we moved from our favorite neighbors. We crammed alot into those three years. We were pregnant together, had beautiful baby boys together, played outside, vented, philosophized ( I use the term very loosely), cried, laughed (well, Amy snorted) and enjoyed every minute of it. I watched Amy's love and talent of photography grow into a flourishing business. So many great things about the Kroffs. I can honestly say there wasn't one second of those three years that I ever had any negative feelings for Amy and Paul for any all. We loved every single second. Good neighbors are so hard to come by which is why we felt so blessed to live across from them for 3 great years! We love the Kroffs.

(Thank heavens it was BEFORE Paul became bishop, wink wink. He's still just Paul to us.)

*Pictures to come when my camera gets back

Monday, November 2, 2009

When did my mom become Elaine?

I was in the shower today and heard someone out of the bathroom door talking to me. Now I could tell right away that it wasn't my 3 year old, Trigg because he just barges in and says what ever he wants: fruit snacks, juice box, Dora, go to Addie's to play etc.

It was not Trigg but I did recognize the voice. I said, " What, is that you Sherry?" Thinking it might be my sister Sherry. The mystery person answered, "no, it's Elaine." What? When did my mom become Elaine to me? When did that happen? I purposely don't call my my mother in law (as much as I love her), I don't call her mom because that is not her name to me, my mom's name is mom. It would be like calling my husband "Frank" when his name is actually Dave, (or Mr. Mantastic.)

So as I finished my shower, I asked "Elaine" to wait 5 minutes until i got out, which she did. But for the rest of my shower (all 5 minutes of if it) I wondered why she identified herself as Elaine and not my mom. It was a ilittle distressing but now I am over it, kinda. I'm really not trying to make her feel bad, she is the best "Elaine" ever and always will be to me. But she is also the best mom ever and always will be to me. Even if she starts to call herself Elaine, I will always call her mom.
Hormonal today? Probably, probably every day. Love you Elaine.